All orders delivered within the United Kingdom are dispatched via Royal Mail and require a signature for proof of delivery. At the checkout, you can choose between two shipping options: First Class and Next Day Delivery. When orders are placed before 2 p.m. Monday through Friday, they are shipped the same day. I don't send out orders on weekends to keep the Live Stock from being stuck at the sorting office for longer than they need to be. You will receive a shipment confirmation email after your order has been posted.

If your Queen does not come alive, I will send you a replacement queen free of charge the next business day, or a refund if I am out of stock (UK). The same rules apply to EU orders, with the exception that the delivery fee is non-refundable and must be repaid in order to resend your item, but the ants are entirely free. All I need is a clear photo of the test tube with the deceased queen/coloy, as well as a copy of my business card to prove it is mine. In some circumstances, if the shot isn't clear enough or if I need to look into something.

Please keep in mind that this only pertains to the queen, not the workers or brood. This only applies to Queens/colonies that died due to postage; anything after 24 hours is not due to postage. Also, if you miss the delivery, the 'alive upon arrival assured' clause is nullified because they will have to spend the night at the post office, not in your care. Within 12 hours of the parcel landing with you, I must be alerted of the DOA. This only pertains to the address I sent the package to; it will not be forwarded to another location.
All ants should arrive alive, and they do so 95 percent of the time. I know how to pack ants with precision and care, and I've done it before. Unfortunately, I have no control over how the postal workers handle the packages or where they are stored for the night, so every single Queen will not arrive alive. All I can offer is that by purchasing from me, you are purchasing this guarantee, and I will do all in my power to ensure that your Queen/colony arrives safely to you.

Any unethical behaviour in the attempt to obtain a free Queen/colony will not be permitted. Anyone caught attempting to do so will be blacklisted and will not be able to order from me in the future.